• walked home
  • went on a bike ride
  • ~smoked~
  • ate
  • passed out
  • & babysat

& I’m still tired as fuck:*

I’m SO bored at all hours of the dayyyy!!! it’s so frustrating-.- lol & it was soo hot & sunny today ^.^ sun yes, heat no. I just want cool dry weather & sunny skies! I’ll just keep dreaming though:p

OH and went to go put in the 19 dollars I got paid from baby sitting today ..(19? really?) and realized the 20 bucks I put aside to pay my friend back got stolen along with some money in my wallet. I know someone took it cus everyone in this house hates me anyways:’ & three girls are staying here -.- (but they’re leaving in FIVE days!) Thank god. lol blahhh I really dont care about money but just the fact that itll be the second time I’m losing the 20 bucks I owed my friend & that I’ve been saving my money specifically for certain things.-.- #shakejunt stuff#clothes#& shoes& glasses! fuck Weston florida. seriously worst place to live. & now my cousin & her friends are outside drinking vodka. wtf?lol 

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